To all new artists:

For a new artist, being “bad” could be discouraging. It’s hard to continue when everything you do is nothing compared to others.

Well, I was listening to the podcast Ear Biscuits, and here’s what Rhett had to say about it:

“I think hopefully one of the things that has been demonstrated here is that: if you think some of our music is actually good—which hopefully you do—you see that the only way that even has a chance of happening is a whole lot of  bad to happen.”

“Yeah,” Link agrees.

“You know you have to churn out so much stuff creatively in order to get things that you actually want to share with people. But you just got to get that engine going. You’ve got to get the machine working, so something will come out of it. So then you can say, ‘Okay. I got this out of the way, so I can get to the next thing.’ And maybe the next thing or the thing after that’ll be the thing that I actually want to share.”

It’s good to understand that you’re not supposed to be great when you start. Bad happens, so keep climbing that mountain. Eventually, your art will be amazing. No one starts out at those grand levels; we all have to work for it.

What’s important is enjoying what you do.

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