A small change for female writers

My old coworker got a job at Barnes & Noble and loves it. But she got so frustrated there once because an older man refused to buy a book from any female writer—in 2018.

He’s the customer that publishers are afraid of. Because some people still believe females cannot write well. Most female writers change their names to trick those customers into buying a book from them. Yearly, about only two female writers will consistently make it in the top ten earning authors in the world and they’re always toward the bottom of the list.

Recently, I found a magazine trying to change that. They spread the word about written work from the marginalized communities (LGBTQIA+, POC, etc.) but especially writing from women. It’s newer than others, but it has great ideas to get the word out there: females can write too.

They go into detail about their passion here, but I’d also check out all their articles here. You can submit your work to them here.

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