Want to write great characters?

I found a great quote about writing characters on Pinterest the other day.

“Something I recently learned about writing is that a character should never stop feeling flawed. It doesn’t matter how much (positive) development they go through, a realistic character doesn’t completely erase their flaws at the end of the story, and that’s okay! You’re never going to reach perfection, so there’s no reason for a character to stop feeling a little broken, a little evil, a little off, that doesn’t invalidate their growth, it only makes it more real.” – steampunk-city

I had never thought about this before when writing characters. I knew they had to be flawed, but feeling broken or off – even at the end of a happy story – is not what people talk about often. One of the most realistic things anyone does is not be perfect all the time.

Characters should be real.

What do you think? Leave a comment below!


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