Fuel running low

As a creator, we can only create so much before we fall.

I don’t mean fall where our lives turn into chaos, but rather when we fall onto our beds. That’s how I am with this blog some days too.

After almost two years, it’s getting harder to find new content to write about. Some topics that I do want to write about need time and energy, which is what I don’t have. (Especially since I am writing this after an eight-hour shift at 1:30 in the morning.) It gets harder to find time because I want to literally fall into a bed.

I’m not sure how to change this considering I am a busy person. I’m waiting until the busy wave calms down before the next tide.

2 thoughts on “Fuel running low

  1. Come and go as you can and we’ll be happy to see you whenever you’re here. I think if you put pressure on yourself to post all the time you sometimes lose the joy in it all.

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