Puppies > humans

humans are the worst
and I think I’ve known that
since I was a kid

I never had many friends
I didn’t fully trust any strangers
I kept to myself whenever I could

but I spoke to animals
I’d never greet a human
but I’d say hi to their dog

dogs never judged me
for my intelligence, my waist size
my athleticism, my gender

puppies smile when they see me
they run to me and wag their tails
to them, life is bliss with little trouble

some puppies get so excited
when I return to them
even if I was 10 minutes down the road

one puppy knows when I’m anxious
she checks on me all the time
she’ll lay near me and kiss me until I’m okay

some puppies are strangers, not mean
they’ll nibble to say hello
and flop onto their bellies

puppies spread their simple bliss
so even when I’m against the world
at least I have them

Copyright © Robin LeeAnn

11 thoughts on “Puppies > humans

        1. Aww! Sounds adorable. — I have a beagle/pomeranian mix, terrier, and a chocolate lab. All are adorable. It’s great coming home to a puppy that’s excited to see you. — It is difficult to pay for a pup (like shots, food, etc.), but I think they’re worth it.

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