Three important items to pack for a conference

The writing/editing conference season is kicking off! Some have already started, but some are coming up soon. Figuring out what to pack for these conferences can be tricky, because you never know who you’re going to meet.

So, here’s a list of items to start your conference with:

Notepads with pens

It’s easier to handwrite notes rather than carry around a laptop, hoping it has enough charge. It’s also been proven that we remember things better if we write them down. Carrying a notepad and pens may be the best way to get all those notes in.

Business cards

When you’re on a time crunch, it can be hard to make a connection with people and write your business info down. A good way to promote yourself is to pass out business cards. These can be simple with only your name, what you do, and an email. Or they can be complex with even company information.

Formal wear

For most conferences, you’ll need at least a business suit or a nice dress. Make sure you have enough clothes for even a couple of days extra incase something happens. You always want to look professional.

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