Fake happy

I love that word. Don’t you? It gives you hope
until you realize how empty your pockets are.
In this world, we’re all just searching for
Do you want some? So does our government.
You can play the game of Life with them,
but let’s see who ends up with more
It’s a drug, a dose of dopamine, a pill.
Something we use to make others feel worse.
But who cares about all of your
Too many people chase it to be honest. Does it
really matter how much he can afford more than you?
That new Cadillac? That 5-star hotel? It’s just
Well, of course it matters! He can get more
more healthcare, more vacations, more opportunities.
Have you realized how much our society is obsessed with
Did you pay all of your bills yet?
Don’t even think about getting those new work shoes.
Who can afford that? You need more
But do you really want that? Are we forever doomed
to be held prisoner because someone else raised the bills?
If it’s a race to the top you desire, we’ll never have any
We’ll have nothing left.
Money can burn, easy. Can you burn your

Copyright © Robin LeeAnn

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