Lost by the train

Life is unattainable sometimes
It’s just out of desires’ reach
Nothing more than another bill
And another time to clock in

After a while, the rhythm lingers
Not in difficulty, but in tension
Pressure comes from all directions
And it doesn’t stop for anything

So, we’re back at the railroad again
Did you see when the next train comes?
I’m not sure I can get on it then though
And I think I work the next time it comes too

I ran out of new Life desires by 18
Not much else to look forward to
Except checking the next day off
And hoping Life starts tomorrow

Finding a small bit of Life is worse
Because Life can’t stick around 24/7
So, instead, it hits us like a train
And I just hope it’ll come back again soon

So, we’re back here again I see
Did you miss the last train of opportunity?
I did even after I chased it half a block
I’m pretty sure I’m not living anymore

But, I promise, I want to live on the train
I want Life to stick around all day long
To put the to-do lists and bills away
But that’s not how Life works, huh?

Copyright © Robin LeeAnn

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