Counting rejections

I could play video games or read a book, but I always end up checking my email to find another rejection.

I can’t remember how many rejections I’ve gotten now. All from small magazines and such. I’ll send in some poetry or short stories, but I get the same reply back. My whole Submittable page is a list of them.

Sometimes it helps to remember that even the best authors get rejected. J.K. Rowling got rejected ten times or so for Harry Potter. She even tried to publish another a different name and still got denied. Even books like A Wrinkle in Time and Gone with the Wind got rejected at some point.

Those facts give me a bit of hope, but not fully. It’s not hopeful much when you don’t get any acceptance at all.

One day though, someone will say yes. Someone has to. Or at least I hope they do. Besides that, I’ll count another rejection.

2 thoughts on “Counting rejections

  1. You’ll get there, and one day you’ll be on the list who successful writers who received a number of rejections ❤
    I read a list online recently and there were some bestsellers, who also now have movies, that were rejected 100+ times. It'll be your chance before you know it!

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