Writing trends

Books that sell always seems to have a trend. We had fairytale retelling trend, dystopian society trend, LGBTQIA+ trend, etc. Popular books always have a theme between them.

If we pay attention, they often tell stories about problems with our world.  Many relevant books about our pains are up there in sales volume.

It always makes me wonder if I should change my book. If I add a strong LGBTA+ character to my book and let her face issues because of it, would my book sell more? Do I have to confine to what society likes to sell well?

For this, I don’t know the answer. Established writers don’t confine at all because they already have an audience. But what about new writers? Confining to trends may help them get on the map, but I’m not sure they have to. But it is something to think about.

What do you think?

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