Slice of Life – Review

It was recently brought to my attention to look into a magazine called, Slice of Life. I was sent the second issue first, so I started there.

The story was about a young boy cheating on his exam and the consequences that followed. Since it didn’t taken place in America, it was interesting to see how a different culture reacted to it. The story explored not only consequences from the teacher, but also from the parents at home.

Overall, the story had an interesting concept. I wished the characters were more developed. It was filled with dialogue, but it didn’t have much inner thoughts from the main character. I also wished the different culture concepts were explored more too. The ending did seem a bit abrupt for me as well.

The magazine issue also came with a crossword puzzle, personality quiz, and poetry. I thought the poetry was lovely, almost better than the main story itself. The poetry had a nice style and a good common emotion that many people can relate to.

Overall, I think it’s alright to check out. It’s a quick five minute read for everything, nothing too time consuming.

“we’re human enough to make a mistake could be a fraud or a tasteless cake in regret we burn we cry and atone and learn to move on for our own sake” – “Limerick Inheritance”


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