Where story ideas come from

Some of my best ideas come from one of the strangest places: the shower.

I’m not sure how or why this happens. Perhaps it’s from the hot water hitting me. Or maybe blobs of creative ideas hide in our shower systems to seep into our minds. Or perhaps shampoo pushes creativeness into our heads at a random variance. Or maybe it’s something else.

There’s no way to write the ideas down though. By the time I get a notepad or a phone, the sentences aren’t as good anymore. I can only remember what I repeated over and over until it dulls out.

Any ideas on how the shower effect happens to you? Have other strange creative places? Leave a comment below!

4 thoughts on “Where story ideas come from

  1. “I’m not sure how or why this happens.”

    Showers. Walks. Runs. These are three of the most common activities from which creativity arises because during these times our conscious, active mind is often on hold and this lets the subconscious ideas surface. These sub-surface ideas are often our most creative.

    Accessing this during active writing is, of course, possible, or only shitty books would get written. The best way to get these kinds of insights while writing is to write until you’re in the flow (or until the Muse begins to sing). Plenty of writers use walking to generate idea, and while good for our health due to movement and change of scenery, one can get the same effect simply by writing until the Muse sings rather than writing only when she has begun singing.

    Good luck. Write on.

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