Gifts for the winter

Most years, writers get the same blank journals as gifts. But some writers only write on notepads or laptops. Their stash of blank journals get higher.

This year, gifts are getting an upgrade. Here’s a list of some great gifts for writers:

1) Notepads for a shower

As I mentioned before, ideas come in the shower. We need to be able to write them down before they go too far away.

2) Mugs

Lots of us drink coffee or tea or anything in mugs while writing. Many of them mention writing. (Did you catch all nine links?)

3) Wearable favorite classic book

Know their/your favorite classic book? You can put every word from that book on a warm scarf or bag.

4) Gift cards for books

It’s hard to keep up with all the books we want vs all the books we already have. Here’s a way to help with that.

5) Materials that are fun and for writers

Tapestries to popsockets or posters and more. There’s always something with writers on it.

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