All writers = amazing and terrible

Sometimes I think I’m an amazing writer, but I’m also a terrible one at the same time.

Some people love my stories no matter what. I can move them without meaning to. My words take them to whole new worlds. I bring out another side that doesn’t happen often.

But—with those same words—I am trash among even average writers. I can’t even keep the readers’ attention for more than a sentence. They tell me I don’t know how to write.

Those same words—that same part of me—can raise me up or destroy me. It’s not up to me, but rather it’s up to what the readers think of me.

So, I can be an amazing writer and a terrible one at the same time. And there’s not too much I can do about that.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “All writers = amazing and terrible

  1. No matter what, you’ll never appeal to everyone, but it doesn’t mean you’re a terrible writer. Everyone has their own definition of what’s good and bad, so getting comfortable with that fact will make you a better person as well as a writer imo.

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