Bad book reviews

I’ve noticed recently that I haven’t reviewed a book that I don’t like on this blog before. I have a few reasons for avoiding that.

  1. I’m afraid of being too negative. I don’t want to trash a work of art that I know the writer spent years on. I don’t want to act as if the novel has nothing good about it either. A book I don’t like could be someone else’s favorite book. It’s too subjective, and as a writer, I feel that I can be too critical.
  2. Most books I don’t enjoy are old literature. But saying that could stop others from reading them. I don’t want to discourage people from reading. I know Sparknotes is our best friend for school, but some older literature can be great too.
  3. I have good luck with getting good books. I haven’t read many books that I didn’t like recently (besides textbooks), but I know they are coming.

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