NaNoWriMo writers, good luck

NaNoWriMo is coming up, which can be quite a stressful time for writers. If you haven’t heard, National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a writing competition where writers write a whole novel—50,000 words—in a month. It’s a great way to get a fresh draft out there.

But NaNoWriMo can be discouraging. 1,667 words a day is intimidating. Some writers don’t think high of themselves because they don’t think they can reach that goal. Completing 50,000 words in the month doesn’t validate any writer though. Writers are great no matter how many words they write in a day.

Getting a writing goal—motivation—is great. NaNoWriMo is a competition with a prize that most writers don’t get during other months. The participants also get motivational speeches and advice the whole month. It has helped many writers get a draft—no matter how much—on the page.

I’ve completed NaNoWriMo three times now. Before that, I didn’t get anywhere close to defeating the goal. I even lowered the 50,000 limit and couldn’t do it. I didn’t even finish last year. It’s a difficult goal, but it’s worth it.

So, if you’re competing this year, good luck. You don’t have to write all 50,000 words though. You’re an amazing writer for pushing yourself forward.

3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo writers, good luck

  1. This year will be my first time trying NaNoWriMo, and while I’m not sure that I’ll reach fifty-thousand words, I’m excited to be pushing myself further as a writer.

    You’re right. It’s not always about who’s writing more than the other, and the competition is against yourself.

    This was a very useful read before I start tomorrow morning. Best of luck!

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