Difference in success

At an English Major panel, I got advice for success in life-after-graduation. It was a cozy room, stuffed with English nerds. Afterward, I talked with a professional author. One of the first sentences she said was, “I don’t agree with what she said during the panel.” She pointed toward a CEO in the publishing field. “I don’t know why she said that.”

I nodded along in the moment, but it took me by surprise when I thought about it later. Both were successful people in their field and yet they disagreed on how they got there and how to succeed.

Getting help on how to succeed is almost impossible since success is subjective. Success for one person could be failure for another. Asking for advice for how to succeed is almost like also asking for advice on how to fail.

No one can give step-by-step directions on how to succeed. The only thing anyone can do is take advice with a little grain of salt and be themselves.

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