How to get a good review

A: Once I do enough to get a good review, I know I was successful.

B: How do you get a good review though?

A: By being great. Make them have only good things to critique about your work.

B: Ehh… Kind of.

A: Kind of?

B: Think about it this way. You make films, right? What does a film critic do? They sit there, watching your movie with a pen. Now, this pen can be literal or figurative, but the pen is real and your worst nightmare. They sit there, writing remarks about how well the music fits with the movie’s mood or how sharp and clean that last cut was, right? But that’s not what you want.

A: What do you mean?

B: Your goal is to get them to be so infatuated with your work that they put the pen down. They’re not a critic anymore but a fan of the story. You want them to get so flabbergasted that they forgot to write any review. They’ll rush, scribbling words on the page to get something down later. But then they’re not writing the review as a critic anymore. They’re writing the review as a fan. You’ll get much higher reviews then.

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