What could discredit me

Sometimes I wonder if my taste in literature discredits me for being an English major and/or writer.

The more I dive into the writing world, the more I realize I don’t fit in some areas. I love writing and editing. I can discuss creative work for days. But I don’t like older literature too much.

Literature, especially before the 1900s, bores me. It’s hard to keep my focus. If I’m tired, I can almost fall asleep. I don’t like to admit that much because I don’t like to distaste old literature. I feel like I’m going against my field.

But I do read what I write. I love reading YA books, especially fantasy and sci-fi. Neal Shusterman, Marie Lu, and Markus Zusak are some of my favorites. My work reflects those writers well.

So, I do miss out on some old literature talk, which is what other English scholars love. They discuss and breathe it. I fall asleep.

But I do read what I write, which still works for me.

2 thoughts on “What could discredit me

  1. I find that I am the same – I once tried to work my way through the New York Times 100 books to read list. I was able to read a few of them, but struggled with others. (usually the older works) Hopefully I will one day finish the list so that I can say that I have done it! (without falling asleep…)

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