Time is essential

There’s a great quote when it comes to creativity.

“Someone told me to be selfless
But we are helpless without attention
So if no one’s paying attention
Then does my voice get to your headphones?

You start thinking about the clock ticks
You get nervous, you start stressing
So how am I supposed to fit this
In three minutes and thirty seconds?”

AJR, Three-Thirty

Everyone’s always looking for the next best thing during limited free time. So, the best works are the shortest. Sometimes it seems like two seconds is all the time a writer has to impress someone. But—out of everything—we all want our thoughts and voices heard.

Condensing words into those time limits can seem frustrating when you have so much to say. But I also think that’s when talent shines. If writers condense their work and still get their meanings out, they do something few can.

Now is this easy? No. But it could be something to work toward.

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