Real monsters

I used to believe that monsters lived under my bed. They loved scaring me in the dark.

“That’s where they stay,” Society told me. “Where they belong.”

But Society also ordered me to keep my stomach flat so people would like me. Short hair was for men. Lesbian. I couldn’t drive. I couldn’t lift anything heavy. I must cook well. They never told me that girls were used as weapons—as a plan—for men’s gain.

“The monsters are under the bed,” they repeated.

But the more I grew up, the more I realized that monsters walked around me daily.

Copyright © Robin LeeAnn

17 thoughts on “Real monsters

  1. A good piece for us all to reflect on as we reconsider what the norms are for both women and how they are expected to be in our society. Thanks for giving us pause to think.

    And thanks for swinging by the Go Dog Go Cafe today!

    S Francis

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  2. I learned early the monsters didn’t come from under the bed. Five years old was when my lessons began. This is powerfully written truth. Love it!

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