Tips for self-publishing

Self-publishing allows writers to publish anything they want. But marketing is harder. That said, here’s some tips to help self-published books be more marketable:

1) Make sure your manuscript is perfect

Hiring a professional editor is the best way to go. It can be a lot of money, but it’s a huge turnoff to find simple grammar mistakes throughout a book. Editors can also help find plot holes and define your story as well.

2) Hire a professional to make your book cover

This gives your book a professional style. Book covers are sometimes the first aspect a reader will see. The first impression should be the best impression.

3) Make sure your website and social media is ready

Have your website set up with information about your book, including buy links. Give your readers some information about the plot and put up some reviews as well.

Your social media should be ready with book promos. Reach out on many platforms to make sure the word is out.

4) Create a book launch/book tour plan

Even if your tour consists of only driving to bookstores around town or online on blogs, having a book tour is a great way to market. After your book is released, devote your time to getting your book noticed. The more places you visit (even online), the more chances your book will see the spotlight.

5) Get ARC readers to write a review

Having reviews already shows that your book is good and getting popular. Few people want to read something that no one else has read before.

Is there any tips I missed? Leave a comment below!

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