Are there not acceptable stories?

People always say writers can write whatever they want, but I doubt that’s true.

Some publishing companies don’t accept cliché ideas since it’s harder to market stories. Which, in turn, lowers the endless possibilities that writers can write about.

Some of those outdated story plots include:

  • Vampires
  • Werewolves
  • Mermaids
  • Character waking up at the beginning
  • Character wanting to be a writer
  • Etc.

But some clichés still catch readers’ attention, such as humans destroying the world unintentionally. These stories are still marketable since readers find them relatable.

So, perhaps, if writers want to market their story far, they have to write what’s more retable.

2 thoughts on “Are there not acceptable stories?

    1. True, I agree. 100%. Writers write better when they enjoy the topic. But I also think those aren’t the stories they market and sell. Sometimes, those stories are just for the writer, which is an interesting topic. There’s so many stories out there that we may never know about.

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