Changing the norms

Readers read almost everything they see. After a while, they notice patterns.


They’ll see a generic love story with about the same plot. The same strong female must pick between two male lovers. Or the same werewolf characters. Stories start with someone waking up. The same Christmas tales over and over. Or stories about characters that want to become writers.

After a while, readers don’t want to read the same plots. Some publishers refuse to read those plots because they can’t sell those stories.

But recently I’ve found an interest in stories that mix generic up. I’ve read a few books before, such as Spelled or Sisters Red, that poke fun at those generic stories. They end up creating something new by the end of it.

Instead of writing the same story types, we should create twists that make their story stand out. We can define our own fairytales without the help of the Brothers Grimm.

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