Me VS Other Creative Projects

Other creative works can be frustrating.

I’ve been shown hundreds of different books, movies, music, musicals, and more. But the first thing I do is criticize them every time. I don’t mean to though. I always look forward into diving into a new creative world. I want to see something that will blow my mind away.

But the magic always disappears. I analyze their character introductions and developments. Would I have had my character act like that? Would I show portals working such as that? Would I have made this many jokes even in a serious moment? Is it a good idea to open up the story with a kid and dad speaking instead of letting the viewer get some action first?

These thoughts are healthy to me in a creative aspect, but sometimes I don’t need my creative aspect to shine. When someone shows me something they love, I don’t want to be that harsh critique every time. Their smiles slip and fall too much for that. But it’s not something I can stop; I’m a creative person at heart. I almost wonder if I need to think of two responses for everything: the creative critique and the regular response.

What about you? As a creative person, do you experience the same thing?

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