Writing origins

Sometimes I think it’s good to look back at where you came from.


For me, I started as a small girl in Dallas. I tried writing a novel about puppies with super powers in a Captain Jack Sparrow journal. I handwrote many chapters that took up about half the journal before I quit. I had a colored in map with many “coupons” and items to use in the world I created. I didn’t remember where the story came from, but it lasted for years.

I later tried writing other novels, but I realized I was in a time of changing. I didn’t know what type of writer I was going to become. I just wrote everything I thought and never finished half of it. I never tried to finish a novel anymore. I just wrote what I thought.

After I got into high school, I had a decent stronghold of who I was. I completed a few novels for once. I knew they had gotten better, but never close to a masterpiece. I kept editing my first novel, Memories Forgotten, over and over. I researched publishing on nights I couldn’t sleep.

I’ve come far from those Captain Jack Sparrow journal days. It’s a good refresher to see how far I’ve traveled from the beginning. It lets me see how I have actually been improving in the writing world.

Day by day, it seems as if not much happens because the writing world is slow if anything. It takes forever to write a novel; it takes a lifetime to edit one. Publishing a book is just a bit longer than a lifetime. It can seem as if we’re just dragging our feet in the mud.

But looking back down to the bottom of the mountain we’ve climbed, puts us into perspective more. Or at least it does for me. Perhaps it’ll work for you too.

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