Particular Writing Styles

Writers may be the most particular people I’ve ever met.

Some people work when they must. I’ve seen people skip two days of sleep to get their hours in. They’re not particular about the circumstances at all.

But creative fields – writing especially – are different. I know some writers who can only write drunk or high. Some must have all their chores done first. Some need the quiet surrounding them. Some need blaring music. Outside. Inside. Some writers have to write on a laptop at a desk. Some writers can’t even write with a laptop. Some write in tight spaces or with their back against a wall or so. Some write in closets.

It’s an interesting act you don’t see anywhere else. I never see a Target worker needing everything to be quiet to work or a doctor asking to only work without a laptop. The creative field has made interesting people that work in strange ways. And if one thing of their normal routine is off: Nope. Can’t write anymore.

My writing style is strange, even to me. I usually write after everyone has gone to sleep because I prefer to write in silence. After dinner is the best time for me if not. I can write with music sometimes, but it has to be music that isn’t new or too emotional to me. My back has to be against a wall and tight spaces are preferred.

It’s interesting to see how the circumstances must all fit together to create something on a page that no one has seen before. Don’t you agree?

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