Cheating with writing prompts

As someone in many Facebook writing groups, I’ve come across various thoughts. One of those is how writing prompts are cheating.

I never thought writing prompts are cheating before. Sometimes I mix prompt ideas together until I make something new altogether. The prompts are like a creative boost for me than anything else. When I’m feeling empty, they can push me toward something.

But there’s a bit of a gray area. Do authors consider prompts cheating because some write a prompt down and religiously follow it? Some writers might only write ideas that others thought of and don’t expand off of it in any way.

A part of me still doesn’t know if that would be cheating. The first sentence or concept is from another person, but everything after is from someone else. No one thinks exactly the same. Even if someone only writes the beginning, someone else will end the story in a different way.

What do you think? Are writing prompts cheating? Leave a comment below!

6 thoughts on “Cheating with writing prompts

  1. Not cheating 🙂 I post writing prompts, hoping that people will take my basic sentence and turn it into something magical. If you gave 100 people the same prompt they would all write a completely different and unique story. 🙂

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    1. I get that! I’ve had English classes where everyone writes a different beginning and then someone else writes the middle and end. The stories always turn out very different from what I intended and much more unique.

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  2. You can consider anything that encourages you to write as a writing prompt, so that’s not cheating at all in my opinion. Use your open mind as well as you can!

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