Negative critiques destroy

Most of the time, I believe writing’s the thing for me. I’m always a good story critic and love telling them no matter what. People’s reactions to words are always interesting and compelling. But sometimes that changes.

I’ll get critiques that say I need to take a writing course cause I can’t tell a story at all. When I ask for more details to understand what they think, I’ll get more harsh comments back. Some say I’m too arrogant and should go to people who’d kiss my butt, so everyone else can call me a loser behind my back. And—no joke—say I should take up basket weaving, so I could be good at something for once.


This kind of negativity can destroy a writer in seconds. For the next handful of hours, nothing seems quite right. Words don’t want to flow. Music blasts through ears to drown out the hate.

After a while, I’m okay again. I think. Writing seems accomplishable and fun. It’s not too bad anymore.

But be careful giving and receiving critiques. Words—even words we don’t write down for a story—can be powerful.


2 thoughts on “Negative critiques destroy

  1. Robin- first off, please disregard the people who are giving you such horrible feedback. I don’t know who they are, but one thing I know is they aren’t true critics. Keep writing and perfecting your craft, create to please yourself and the others, the true fans, will come. If you want valid critique look to a writing group with supportive members. Take care of yourself and avoid those who just want to tear you down.

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