A writer’s journey (part six) – editing jobs

Being able to write well isn’t the only thing it takes to be a writer. I’ve found being a valuable editor has helped me with my own writing as well.

Editors have a keen eye for troubled story. They know the difference between times to use a comma and when to leave the words alone. Their ability to find issues before publication can be critical.

My first editing job started in the fall of 2016. I worked as an assistant nonfiction editor for two semesters and loved it. I liked reading other writer’s stories and helping the stories I loved become published. But something else caught my eyes.

I noticed what went wrong. I knew how to come up with ideas to improve the piece before the story was even over. I could tell what made a story mystic and what didn’t.

The whole experience of seeing accepted and rejected stories helped me realize what was expected of me as a writer. My own short stories became stronger because I could see what stood out from the others.

Now, as the nonfiction editor, I see more stories and more opportunities.

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