Am I writing too big?

Can people dream too big?

Is it too much to want to change the world? I thought of doing that early on.

I loved every time I made someone smile as a kid. I wanted more of it. Craved it. Writing was my forte out of everything, so I decided to change the world through words.

I could write about the greatness of the LGBTA+ community. I could write about every race being equal. I could write about religions coexisting. As long as everyone’s happy, I could set examples.

But changing the world doesn’t seem like a possibility with this mountain in front of me. It’s hard enough to get published. Changing the world has to be worse.

Or perhaps should people aim lower and get higher?

Some of the most influential people didn’t set out to change life. They did what they loved and came out on top. They tried their best to be okay, but miracles happened.

So, should I stop aiming high? If I want to walk up a hill, will I climb a mountain instead?

But wouldn’t that mean giving up on what I wanted?

I can’t get anywhere if I give up. I should aim high and maybe I’ll climb higher than I thought possible. We all could.

2 thoughts on “Am I writing too big?

  1. You’re definitely not aiming too high. I write about the same things. I want to create change and open peoples minds to unity. Don’t change or ever stop chasing your dreams. I had someone analyze my blog and told me to pick a struggle. I should only stand up for one thing and later add other things, but I can’t do that. I am all the things I stand up for. LGBT, mental health, and black. I want equality for all and we shouldn’t have to stop aiming for our dreams because the rest of the world hasn’t caught up.
    I enjoy your posts! Keep writing and keep aiming for the sky!

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