Thrift the Books

I changed my ways of getting books…a bit.

As a child, I loved getting fresh books. The new book smell was intoxicating. I loved the idea of owning something that no one else had owned before. It was mine.

But since I got to college, money and gifts hadn’t come as much as they used to. I searched around until I found a way to get cheap books: the smaller, less advertised price on Amazon from third party buyers. Eventually, I upgraded from that to ThriftBooks.

These books had given me wonderful surprises. One used psychology book dropped money from Egypt. But the latest book had been the most interesting.

I recently bought the book Humans of New York from Thriftbooks with small tags everywhere throughout the book. Humans of New York – if you did not know – was a Facebook blog where Brandon takes pictures of random people in New York and tells their story. His blog had gotten so famous that he has a Facebook series, gets paid to travel across the world to tell their stories, and has two books now.FullSizeRender-1

But his book came with these small pink tags. These tags – left by a stranger – point towards his or her favorite stories throughout the book. As I read the book to understand humans more, I felt as if I was reading to understand this stranger more too.

We had different tastes for sure. The stranger loved more stories with two lovers showcasing their happiness while I loved the stories of people overcoming different adversities more.


I found another surprise the further I went. It seemed as if the stranger also printed off some photos from Brandon’s collection as seen in the photo to the right.

It was an experience I couldn’t have from any new book. However, I still have enjoyed getting new books. Just a part of me opened up more to the thrift books life now.

How about you? Do you buy thrift books?

2 thoughts on “Thrift the Books

  1. I started getting second-hand books through Amazon out of necessity: to save money and to get out-of-print books, but there is also an aesthetic side to it. These are books that have character, and that sort of carry a story of their own.
    And indeed, one finds annotations and strange extras inside.

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