Powerful small words

My mind buzzed over and over in a spinning spiral. Lately, nothing had gone right in the writing world. My blog was mildly floating above the water. I hadn’t been able to work on my novel or short stories in a while. My work I put out for critics got the same reply: “good, but not good enough”. Because writers can never be good enough, huh?

But as my mind spun, I glanced down at my phone to check my email. An email from a blog follower popped up and an instant wave of anxiety hit me. As soon as my eyes read the page, a smile spread across my face.

The email spoke about how much I impacted this reader – this stranger – from behind a computer screen. This stranger who could live hundreds of miles from me got inspired by an unknown writer. The stranger even quoted me!

My mood changed. I felt more powerful with a large desire to write. Instead of doing homework, I got five more blog ideas and wrote two of them. I came up with ideas on how to edit my short stories and thinking about how to get more involved in the writing world.

I had forgotten how far words can go even as a writer. Small words could go a long way. It could be just a complement for a shirt or telling someone how intelligent they are. But I had forgotten that. Perhaps words were too powerful for my mind to comprehend.



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