Joy of Writing

A deadline always stares at you. Or perhaps the goal you set for yourself is already years behind you. Another rejection letter sinks in your trashcan. Or maybe another critic just couldn’t make it through your piece without ripping it to shreds.

Either way, sometimes it’s difficult to remember the joys of writing. Creating something on a page is something magical that not everyone can do. Just like being a musician or even a doctor, not everyone can survive the blood, sweat, tears, and joy that comes with being a writer. Writers are prestigious creatures.

So, in case you have forgotten: writers, you are amazing. Look back at everything you’ve created since the beginning. There’s a mythical wonder that has spread through you onto the page. The joy in your heart from writing may have been forgotten, but it still lingers in you.

‘I’ve always associated the moment of writing with a moment of lift, of joy, of unexpected reward’ – Seamus Heaney


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