A writer’s journey (part four) – editing like crazy

Writing never stops and neither does editing.

I’ve found that I almost enjoy editing a piece more than writing one sometimes. At the end of the day, I like to say: “Look how much this piece has grown! It has more character developments and world details. It also flows more since I took out the first three chapters. Everything’s great!” rather than: “I wrote it down.” Writing it down doesn’t mean it’s good.

Despite the different titles of “editor” and “writer”, writers edit more than people suspect sometimes. Some writers dread editing and put their piece in the corner until they remember they have to edit it months later. Some writers edit as soon as they finished a piece, which is a bit too early for me, but I’m not here to judge.

But there does come this time in a writer’s career where it’s a constant state of editing. I have many pages I have to edit or I’m specifically looking for a certain idea to make sure it gets through. Sometimes I send my work off to beta readers and hope they don’t hate the story. Either way, no writer can avoid editing.

Editing to me is more like a stepping stone. Each time I edit, I’m one step closer to making the story the best I can be. That fact alone makes me glad I edit when I do. I love editing. But I’m not sure every writer loves editing so much it feels like breathing.

What do you think?


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