Tricks to winning editing battles

Editing your own work is a difficult battle for every writer. Therefore, the need of editors comes into reality. However, not everyone can afford editors. Depending on how good the editor is or how long the novel is, the cost of an editor can go way over $1,000. Sometimes more than $2,000.

But some tricks have emerged to help writers edit well without battling so much money. It’s a quick fix and doesn’t mean that everything will be amazing, but it can at least get a good portion of the editing job done.

1) Rewrite – don’t edit

This works wonders despite how contradicting it can sound. Editing, for the most part, is changing certain words, but keeping the same writing format. But rewriting helps the story transform and grow into something more. I, personally, will have two Word documents up. The one on the left of my screen with be the old one (sometimes with editing comments). The document on the right will be blank. Instead of just changing the small fixes, I’ll change entire paragraphs around or even rewrite chapters. The piece feels new and fresh afterwards.

2) Read it out loud

Another popular trick is to read your work out loud. It’s easy to skip over mistakes when you scan with your eyes because your eyes see what you want to. We may even mentally insert words in when a particle in the sentence is missing. However, if you read your work out loud, your brain and your eyes are forced to slow down. It’s also an easy way to catch syntax issues because you can hear it in your voice.

3) Beta readers

As I have mentioned before, beta readers are helpful because they are another set of eyes that looks over your work – for free. Some will ask for a small payment, but usually if you read theirs and they read yours, there’s no payment involved. There are some things to watch out for like if everyone has an interest in what they are reading and if the writing styles are similar/respected. Not everyone can be a beta reader though. If you find a great one, hold onto that reader for as long as you can.

Do you have any other tricks to win those editing battles? Share in the comments below!

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