Writer vs Writer

What if you can choose your battle? Two doors stand before you and you can choose which person behind the door you’ll fight while they critique you. One’s a writer like you. That person’s strengths are like yours and your weaknesses are in the spotlight. An average reader stands behind the other door. This reader sees your weaknesses but usually never points out if you’re good enough. Which do you choose?

It’s the reader, wasn’t it?

Readers have always been kinder towards writers than other writers. Knowledge may play a factor. Writers know more tricks and flops about the writing field than anyone else. Perhaps that harsh knowledge of how difficult the writing world can be pins writers against each other. Every writer knows which buttons to push. 

But does it always have to be this way?

Writers can be pushed against each other, but we can also push each other up. Especially with technology nowadays, writers can connect to each other like never before. We can use this connection to build everyone up. We can strengthen each other more than ever before. 

Why don’t we help each other more?

I don’t know. Some do help each other, which is always appreciated, but I’m not sure why we don’t more. Perhaps one of us had a bad day. Maybe some of us know nothing else but how to give hard critiques. I wish I knew. 

How can we turn the tables?

Say it with me: writing is an art, not a race. Each piece shines in its own light. All writers are amazing for their unique pieces of art. 

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