A writer’s journey (part three) – time management

Time had never been my friend. We hit it off a few times and got everything done, but that was rare. Most of the time, we fought and we fought hard.

Every time Time knew I had something to do, especially when I was focusing on my writing, it made sure the hours ticked by faster than normal. In high school with band, homework, studying, and sports, Time made sure I never had enough time to write. Or at least that was what it felt like. At some points, I was stretched thin, trying to fit it all together.

Growing up never gave me much time either. Now, in college, I had work, college classes, and studying almost every second of the day. Even when I saw friends, some type of homework traveled with me or I was late because of work. Time always made sure I had something to do.

But recently a memory popped back into my head. In high school, I didn’t practice my instrument as much as I could and my lesson teacher could tell. She would ask me if I practiced and I’d shake my head no or mumble that I did a little bit. One time, when she had enough of me talking about Time, she said, “You make time for the things you care about the most.”

At the time, that inspired me to find ways to practice my instrument. Sure, some of my other studying or practicing level went down, but I did improve on my instrument.

College had a way to make students focus on it. The best students I knew didn’t do much besides studying and I must’ve become one of them along the way. But college, despite even being an English major, had only given me a handful of options for improving my writing. By now, I already took all the creative writing workshops I need to.

But Time, my good old friend, and I have talked. We argued a few times, but we decided to put what I care about the most ahead of me, which was writing. Especially over winter break, we decided to set some time aside to write the most I could for this blog and edit the most I could for my novel and short stories. No one or nothing would stand in my way.

We also promised that even when I go back to college, this idea of writing more would not change.

I hope we can keep our promise.


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