Unknown talented writers

Not all talented writers are well known, which is a shame. Hundreds of writers out there never get the recognition they need.

Ajay Tulsiai, a talented writer I’ve found recently, wrote, Takes One to Know One. The story is about a woman in a terrible romantic relationship. She’s pleased that the bank has a long wait, so she can spend more time away from her awful husband. In line, she even fantasizes about getting a new husband. She meets another woman who was a victim as well.

This story shows the terrors from abusive relationships that happen worldwide. Both women show their pain – one more emotionally and the other more physically. However, the story also hints at a bond that strengths them together.

One of my favorite moments, is when one woman reveals her own pain.

She then unrolled her right sleeve to reveal two long scars along her arm. “Marriage sure can be terrible.”

The story – like any other story – still has room to grow. A few spots ‘tell’ the story rather than ‘show’ it, especially towards the beginning. Those moments stuck out to me and made the beginning not as smooth as the rest of the tale.

However, the story got its anxious and dreadful tone across. It let readers connect to the characters well and had a beautiful message about struggles. It’s a fun quick read that I recommend.

*Picture for this post is taken from Literary Orphans. Check out their awesome site here.

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