Superchick inspiring writers

As writers, inspiration is our fuel. We need it as much as we need water. Growing up, I listened to a band called Superchick all the time. It’s is the most inspiring band I’ve ever known. If you’ve never heard of them until today, check them out.

I’ve composed a list of their most inspiring songs. The songs in bold mean the most to me. I hope they help.

“Do robots dream of electric sheep?
I need to live my dreams, not just in my sleep
I’ve been holed up here, but it’s time to
Leave I need to make my move while I’ve air to breathe”

“After all this has passed, I still will remain
After I’ve cried my last, there’ll be beauty from pain
Though it won’t be today, someday I’ll hope again
And there’ll be beauty from pain”

“You should know you’re not on your own
These secrets are walls that keep us alone
I don’t know when but I know now
Together we’ll make it through somehow”

“Try to change the world, they’ll think you’re out of your mind
Revolutions start when someone crosses the line”

“Why try to be like someone else
When you can only be yourself?
No one can sing the song you do
Be true, be legendary you”

“You’re gonna make your move today
Got the will, you’ll find the way
To change the world some day
Grab this moment before it’s gone
Today’s your day”

“So it’s me against the world today
I’m gonna do it my own way
And though nobody understands
I’m gonna make a one girl stand
It’s not Independence Day
I can’t waste time on what they say
If we believe when we have faith
We’re gonna change the world someday”

“Sometimes I have bad days and it’s hard to be me,
Sometimes I get brought down by insecurity
And I have my days where I’m the one and lonely
But today I choose to be the one and only
Yeah, I’m the one and only”

“It feels like I have lost this fight
They think that I am staying down
But I’m not giving up tonight
Tonight the wall is coming down
I am stronger than my fears
This is the mountain that I climb”

“But I want to be real
I want to find out who I am
And I will find my way to heal
And I will find my voice my stand”

“Rock what you got
Rock what you got
Don’t ever let them make you stop
Rock what you got
Light up the lot
No one can rock the way you rock”

“Cause if we never make it ever
Then it’s gonna be okay with me
Cause if it’s not okay to fall sometimes
It’s not okay to be
If they don’t want us, it’s okay, honest
It doesn’t have to bring me down
Let them say we’re not big rock stars
It’s not what we’re about
We don’t’ have to be rock stars”

“We’re all scared, gotta wonder what’s out there,
Shooting down the ones who did what we wish we dared
Everybody’s scared to karaoke in the open
Afraid we’re not as special as what we might be hoping

so we’re frozen haven’t chosen
just going through the motions
Faith and belief, courage overrule emotions
Stand up and be counted for something when it’s time
Decide where you stand, take your hands raise ’em high”

“Still here
Staggering on
Through the impossible
We remain
I can breathe one more day
Still here
Still fighting on
All we have is today
Find my way
To the beauty of one more day
Still here”

“And suddenly it isn’t what it used to be
And after all this time it worked out just fine
And suddenly I am where I’m supposed to be
And after all the tears, I was supposed to be here”



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