Writers = fan girls?

After writing the first draft of your book, you need to expand on it. The deeper the story goes, the stronger it will become. Plot holes need to disappear. Characters should develop more. Backstories must appear. There’s a quick way to do all of this too.

Fan girl about your book.

You read that right.

If you’re not in love with your book, no one will be. Fan girls are people with the biggest love towards stories. They know everything there is to know.

Create your own theories about the plot of your book. Take a step back to deeply analyze a character you never gave much thought about till now. Pick a certain scene and try to decipher every word of it. Become one of those English teachers who try to find “what the writer means” of a particular section of the work.

Doing this has helped me understand my book more than I thought I needed to. Most of this happens in daydreams to be honest. I’ve figured out crazy character motivations and found plot holes in my novel by daydreaming the day away.

Don’t let anyone be more of a fan of your book than you. Learn more than the ins and outs of your book. You’ll be surprised about how much you can change for the better.

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