The worst and best night

As I read the last page of the Tales from a Shadowhunter Academy, I had mixed emotions inside of me. Not to spoil the ending, but it was a warm, uneasy, and melancholy all at once. Typical Cassandra Clare book, right?

I also finished the book at the typical time: about one-thirty in the morning.

At this hour, my room was dark except for my desk lamp. It had a small light that brightened up one side of the room. I filed Tales from a Shadowhunter Academy in its appropriate spot. I had to take a few books off one bookshelf and move them over to another though. When I reached for my to-read section on my fifth bookshelf, I met empty space. Only one book stood there, ready for me.

Oh crap. I’m out of books? How is that possible? Didn’t I just have about ten new ones come in? Which is true. I did have ten books a while ago, but that realization made the whole moment worse. There’s nothing left.

Another realization hit me at the same time. I have an excuse to buy more books.

So, I kid you not, in under twenty-four hours, I pre-ordered a book for fourteen dollars. I also had three more books ordered from Thriftbooks for eleven. That was twenty-four dollars for four books.

Maybe that would last me until Christmas because of my college classes. If not, I knew where all the bookstores were.

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