Crazy writer’s daydream

As writers, we daydream so much.

This is great for creative stories, because we have the best imagination in the land. From those daydreams, we can create narratives no one’s ever heard of. We can make more than any non-creative person ever thought of before.

But you know what comes from those daydreams? A dream of a best-selling author’s future.

I always picture my rise to fame a bit strange. I see myself with my friends from high school and college – those nerds – having fun. I’d take them around the world to experience life with me. I’ll answer fan questions by having my friends ‘interview’ me in videos. I know. Strange, right?

But it never stops there. I see myself getting nervous on Ellen’s TV show, but her jokes lighten the mood. I’m not always on Ellen. Sometimes I’m on Jimmy Fallon’s or James Corden’s show. It changes every once in a while. I would get my friends and family front row seats to every show.

I’d meet fans at strange places, but mostly book stores. Sometimes I’d sign random books of mine and leave them for fans to find.

But, for now, it’s a daydream, right? It’s a crazy writer’s daydream.

Maybe I can make it come true.

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