Sneaking around to write

For the last few days, I’ve been sneaking around. Or at least I feel like it. I have everything I need: iPhone, iPad, and a Mac laptop. Trading through them, I always have something to write on even when I’m supposed to be doing something else. Nothing can stop me from writing.

Writing isn’t something I can clock out of. There’s no specific time to sit down and write the perfect draft. It’s a process, a daily process, that spins around in my head all day long.

Sometimes inspiration claws at me when it’s past midnight and I probably should be going to bed. It sends me away to a new fantasy world after every good movie and book. It can send me away even when I’m supposed to be with family and friends. It’s not something I can control.

I’ll write small notes to save those interrupting ideas for another time. Those ideas aren’t my best after I find the time to write them out though. I still have to dig deeper to maybe find the spark that I had hours, days, or even months before. But sometimes I have no choice, but to wait until I can let the idea flow out.

I wish I could have an on and off button. The idea of being able to concentrate through everything is nice. I won’t have to jot down the thought in a hurry before it flows away from me. They all get stuffed in the same journal that I almost never go through either way.

Eventually, I’ll have more time. When my writing becomes a full-time job, everything can flow out of me easier. There won’t be many interruptions of life.

But the interruptions of life make the fresh creative thoughts. Without them, my stick will burn out.

Perhaps, one day I can find a balance between the two.

10 thoughts on “Sneaking around to write

  1. I can definitely relate to this, having a full time job really cuts into writing time. I’ve learned to multitask, I carry my phone while I’m taking a walk and I’ll dictate ideas or parts of an essay I’m working on.

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    1. I do the same thing since I’m working full time. I’ll even write on my breaks at work. However, I’m about to work and go to college, so it’s going to be an interesting battle when finding times to write.


  2. I understand the concept all too well. I was going back and forth on 2 separate writing projects last night and finally decided it was time to go to bed. I looked at the clock and it was 7:16…..AM!! With Hurricane Harvey bringing torrential rains here, it was still dark outside but I totally lost track of time. Writing is an all consuming passion. For most writers, I think the term passion is appropriate. Great post!

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    1. The term passion is completely appropriate. I write better at night and have lost track of time almost every night. It can get consuming. – Are you doing alright with the hurricane? I’m getting scattered storms because I’m just north of it (Dallas).


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