My major writing problem

Whenever I write a novel, I come across a major problem.

I’ve created this entire world down to the smallest detail. I know where the mountains end to become the flat lands that will eventually meet a river. I can picture where all the enemy camps are and who are there. I know the history of multiple different families for a few generations. I’ve even thought of the history of that particular world for hundreds of years before the main characters come into the story. Which is my issue…

I have too much information. I want to share the entire world with each reader and let them fall in love with it. But most of the information doesn’t fit into the plot of my novel. The information gets stuck within me for no one else to see.

The more I’ve thought of it, the more I’m reminded of Cassandra Clare’s novels. All of her fourteen published books revolve around the same world. There’s another book and a new series on the way as well. Each series brings new information about the world that hasn’t been told before. It’s another layer to add on to her complex world that keeps expanding. She does it well too while selling over sixteen million copies.

It’s a simple way to get the whole world out: keep adding more stories into the same world. If my world has that many stories to tell, I will. But there’s more than just one world I want to share. In the making, I have at least five different worlds with five different stories. I can’t just stay in one world and let other stories not be heard.

So, I’ve thought about making a bonus feature section to dedicated fans. Perhaps I can write small stories about the world I created and post them online. I could write about what happened in the novel that they didn’t get to see the first time.

I could bring out the characters more as well. I can show their family history and give out random facts. Perhaps I can even get some of my artistic friends to draw what the characters look like, so my audience can have a reference.

But it’s all a day dream right now. I still need to get my book polished enough to publish first.

What do you think though? Do you have another way to let out more information about your world?

6 thoughts on “My major writing problem

  1. So I heard on the Writing Excuses podcast that many writers create their own resources to write out history, character info, and sociatal/culture points that are important to the novel. They mainly do this to keep things straight, but I think it would be gratifying and rewarding if you wrote all your ideas out in an organized book. You could even have it printed. It’s something that you can keep for yourself, have as an heirloom, or a future resource for books in the future. I think that if your brain is just bursting with information that needs to come out, then write it out! It might make it in the actual story someday, but for now, you’ve got a separate work of art.

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    1. I have a journal where I keep things like character info, history, etc. – I mostly have written facts about the culture into my novel that I now have to go back and delete because they raise too many questions. I’m keeping a list of what I’m deleting though. Having it like a heirloom or so sounds cool!


  2. I have the same problem. Tolkien is my hero! Am currently writing some short stories to flesh out the history of different regions of my world. I like the idea of the bonus stories for fans. It made me think. I heard recently an author did a Patreon with chapters of the book so when it came time to publish they had raised something like $6k which covered self publish cost and some for marketing. What if you released the bonus stories as a Patreon bonus?

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