Best writer resource

After writing for many years, I’ve found the best writing resource: beta readers.

Beta readers are writers who critique your manuscript before an editor or agent. They’re critical since it’s difficult to edit your work, because it always makes sense to you. Beta readers catch those mistakes for free (most of the time)!

Ever since I got my awesome beta reader, my novel has improved so much. I cleaned up confusing sentences. I fixed simple grammar mistakes that I read over before. I found more places to show and not tell. It’s been an amazing experience to have someone help me with my manuscript every step of the way.

When getting a beta reader, find someone who loves to read the same genre you enjoy writing. Having a beta reader who doesn’t enjoy your genre can become unhealthy. They may try to make your work more like theirs.

Also, find someone who likes the same writing style as you. It’s a smoother process if you both love what you’re writing.

Here’s a few sites that have beta readers:

  • Beta Reader Group is a forum group on Goodreads. On this site, you post about wanting a beta reader and beta reader will answer back.
  • Critique is a site dedicated to having in-depth critiques. On this site, you get critiqued after you critique another writer’s work.
  • Critique Circle is a site dedicated to getting many different writers to see your work. By critiquing other work, you get credit. You need credit to have your piece critiqued.
  • Scribophile is a writer’s workshop that helps get critiques and tips in publishing.
  • WritersCafe is another site where you post your story to get reviews and advice.

Another great place to find betas is on Discord. If you’re in a writing Discord already, chances are they have a channel to look for betas.

Hope this helps!

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