Query letter tips

Even though it may seem so, you’re not alone when you write a query letter. Below are some tips to help make your query the best it can be.


  • Queries are about half a page long on a Word document. They’re around 200–250 words.
  • Queries are not meant to be a summary of your novel. Don’t tell everything that will happen.
  • Queries usually focus on one or two characters. Having more than two characters can make the query a bit overwhelming. Four characters is the absolute max to name.
  • As you expand on your plot, make sure you also expand on your character. Let the agent connect to them and see 1) what they want and 2) what stands in their way.
  • Queries are almost always written in present tense.
  • Your book title is always in capital letters since it is an unpublished book. Your comparative titles, since are already published, are in italics.
  • Word count and genre must both be mentioned.

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